Novak Djokovic visits Bosnian 'energy pyramids' after US Open disappointment


Novak Djokovic visits Bosnian 'energy pyramids' after US Open disappointment

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic visited Sarajevo and then went to visit Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun in Visoko. Last year, Djokovic visited the Bosnian pyramids several times. Semir Osmanagic -- the founder of the pyramids -- claims the pyramids have magical healing powers.

The European Association of Archaeologists has said the Bosnian pyramid theory is not based on genuine science and has repeatedly criticized Osmanagic's work since. After last year's Adria Tour controversy, Djokovic went to Visoko to find his peace.

Djokovic returned to Visoko following his US Open disappointment

Djokovic failed to win a record 21st Grand Slam and capture a Calendar Grand Slam after losing to Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final. After the final, Djokovic acknowledged tennis transition is happening in front of our eyes.

"I think it has already started in a way, with Dominic Thiem winning here last year. Daniil, I don't know if he's No. 1 now or is soon-to-be No. 1. Look, it's normal. The transition was inevitable," Djokovic said. "The older guys are still hanging on.

We're still trying to shine the light on the tennis world as much as we possibly can. I'm speaking on my own behalf. I still want to keep going, try to win more slams, play for my country. Those are the things that motivate me the most I think at this point.

"But the new generation, if you want to call them this way, is not anyone new. It's already current, established. Of course, they are going to take over. I think tennis is in good hands because they're all nice guys and very, very good, high-quality tennis players.

They got something to offer on and off the court. "We are hoping that the transition will be smooth in terms of the attention and the popularity of this sport. It's very important. We all, of course, want to win on the court, but at the same time we all at the top represent this sport. We need to be aware of that, take this responsibility and try to bring more fans to the world of tennis."

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