'Novak Djokovic lost a period of rest and preparation for...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic lost a period of rest and preparation for...', says expert

The subject of the ATP ranking has been a real headache for players, spectators and even governing bodies on both the ATP circuit and the WTA circuit. The pandemic caused a dance of points to begin that today many still strive to unravel, with measures that have been altered over the last few months and a ranking that will not return to its' normality ', to its' reason for being ', until well into 2022.

There are still players who maintain points harvested in 2019 in tournaments such as Indian Wells, now to be played in October, while others will see how late 2020 tournaments will be deducted from their classification very soon.

The last great effort of the Russian in Flushing Meadows would have been culminated with a reward of many carats: to be number one in the world ranking. Although it is difficult to determine if he could keep it until the end of the year (the Russian is more than 1,500 points behind Djokovic in the Race), his magnificent performance in the final part of 2020 and the enormous strength shown on hard courts in 2021 they would allow him to be at the top of the rankings with a whopping 9,015 points.

Behind Novak Djokovic would be placed, a very short distance, since the Serbian would be left with 8,860 points.

Bubanj reflects on Novak Djokovic

Former selector of the Serbian Davis Cup team Goran Bubanj recently weighed in on Novak Djokovic's performance in the US Open 2021 final.

"He (Medvedev) had a completely open draw and objectively fewer challenges, but that is not a reason for the more rested to be better in the final," Bubanj said in a recent interview with Sputnik. "This can often be the other way around.

The whole final did not depend on Medvedev, but exclusively on Novak." According to Goran Bubanj, Novak Djokovic's keenness to rush the net during the match was an indication that he wasn't sure of his game-plan.

"I think that the game itself was strange, first of all Novak," Bubanj said. "The moment he lost his rhythm, he started rushing to the net, he even did it well, which is interesting, but even Federer would not go to the net so many times.

It was obvious that he was losing the game and that he simply did not have a clear concept according to which he would extend the match." According to Bubanj, playing in Tokyo robbed Djokovic of the chance to rest for the US Open, thus depriving him of "the most important tournament in his career"

"Novak was also in a dilemma whether to play the Olympic Games," Bubanj said. "I think that is not the basic, but a precondition for things to develop the way they developed. The Olympics were from this perspective a big mistake in every way.

He lost a period of rest and preparation for the US Open, which was realistically the most important tournament in his career."