Alize Cornet speaks on how Novak Djokovic inspired her to meditate

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Alize Cornet speaks on how Novak Djokovic inspired her to meditate

French tennis player Alize Cornet reveals Novak Djokovic inspired her to take meditation more seriously. Cornet is practicing meditation and she has found her inner peace on and off the court. Also, it inspired Cornet to write an autobiography: Transcendence: Diary of a Tennis Addict.

“When I heard Novak Djokovic talking about visualization, I told myself I needed to try," Cornet said, per Cornet began meditating just before she started writing Transcendence. “I always kept diaries and also writing a lot of poems that range from when I was eight years old through when I was 25.

Writing is a way for me to express myself, especially when I was going through tough times or not feeling happy on tour, which was unfortunately quite often. “I thought that it might be cool for people to know what it’s like behind the scenes for tennis players.

Writing the book felt like I was talking to someone, to the reader”.

Cornet wants to tell her story through Transcendence

“Everything is in my mind because my tennis life has been everything for me, and that helps the stories stay fresh," Cornet said.

"We live such intense lives as tennis players and it takes so much out of you that it’s hard to forget anything!” Djokovic, who inspired Cornet to meditate, has faced many criticism throughout his career.

Last week, former world No. 1 Becker came to the defence of Djokovic. "The public - also the media have to get used to it - that there are not only 2 but also 3 who have great qualities as players and people. And it's not acceptable that Novak is always the bad guy and Roger and Rafa are always the good guys.

That's unfair," Becker told Eurosport Deutschland. "He often stands up for other players, that's often swept under the rug and nobody really wants to notice that. There's another very sympathetic side. I hope for him and his family that he'll finally be treated a bit more fairly than he's been so far."