'Novak Djokovic spent the last few days hanging out with...', says analyst

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'Novak Djokovic spent the last few days hanging out with...', says analyst

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev has been in the best shape of his life. During the US Open this season, he was the toughest player to beat, as he showed some of the best tennis during the two weeks. Recently, former Grand Slam champion Boris Becker praised Daniil Medvedev for being able to dethrone Novak Djokovic in his Grand Slam throws.

During the course of the tournament, the Russian star lost only one set. The former German player even felt that Daniil is a bit ahead of Tsitsipas and Zverev. The six-time Grand Slam winner declared: “Daniil Medvedev deserved to win today; he deserved to win the tournament.

He was the best player these two weeks and only lost one set in total en route to his first Grand Slam. For me, he is the most willing of the young generation. He knows how to win games; he knows how to prepare for the big games.

You have to beat him then because he doesn't get nervous or agitated. He is one step ahead of [Stefanos] Tsitsipas or [Alexander] Zverev there." Speaking of Djokovic and Medvedev this season, they met earlier in the year.

They faced each other during the final of the Australian Open. The Serbian ended up winning that match in straight sets. Later, they met in the last Grand Slam event of the season, the 2021 US Open.

Djokovic has often been at the center of controversy

World No.

1 Novak Djokovic has often been at the center of controversy, whether it is for his on-court behavior or off-court actions. His recent pictures with controversial military figure Milan Jolovic and Serbian politician Milorad Dodik, taken at a wedding in Bosnia, have kicked up another storm.

Political scientist Jasmin Mujanovic wrote a detailed thread about the photos and their implications, while also criticizing how Novak Djokovic doesn't lose any sponsors despite his questionable company. "The world’s No.

1 men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic spent the last few days hanging out w/ a former underling of convicted genocidaire Ratko Mladic, & contemporary genocide denier & secessionist Milorad Dodik. Let’s see how many sponsorships “Nole” loses as a result," Mujanovic wrote.

"The answer is zero because Bosnian Genocide denial and/or association with those involved in as much (incl actual killings) gets you Nobel Prizes and keynote lectures not social ostracism," he added. "For those keeping count, 0 is also how many sponsors he lost for posing w/ a liquor brand named after WWII Nazi collaborator Draza Mihailovic.

Or when he received an award from the RS entity govt, past luminaries of which incl genocidaires Milosevic, Mladic, Karadzic etc."