'Novak Djokovic started rushing to the net but...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic started rushing to the net but...', says expert

Novak Djokovic is considered a national hero in Serbia. In addition to being one of the three best tennis players of all time, he is the highest international reference of a country so suffered from having lived through so many years of war.

It is that the Balkan region suffered constant confrontations after the separation of Yugoslavia, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since then, several years have passed until the current political and geographical organization was reached, which shaped six nations (Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia itself, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a state not fully recognized as it is.

Kosovo. However, to arrive at the conformation of these days, you have to go back a few decades to understand a phenomenon, which claimed thousands and thousands of lives. While the final writings took place on a desk, the grounds were defined on the battlefield.

And, there, blood was shed. It seems difficult to explain, but the Serbian often appears involved in some kind of conflict. It is true that the Balkan region, which suffered wars and political, social and military confrontations, condemns (logically) any type of reaction that seems wrong to it.

Beyond this meeting in which he participated, Djokovic lived through the Adria-Tour scandal last year, when he decided to organize an exhibition tournament with several renowned figures in the midst of a pandemic and that ended with an outbreak of coronavirus infections.

Bubanj reflects on Novak Djokovic

Former selector of the Serbian Davis Cup team Goran Bubanj recently weighed in on Novak Djokovic's performance in the US Open 2021 final. "He (Medvedev) had a completely open draw and objectively fewer challenges, but that is not a reason for the more rested to be better in the final," Bubanj said in a recent interview with Sputnik.

"This can often be the other way around. The whole final did not depend on Medvedev, but exclusively on Novak." Even though Novak Djokovic had spent more hours on the court coming into the finals and was nine years older than Daniil Medvedev, Goran Bubanj believes a longer match would have benefitted the 34-year-old.

"The point was to stretch this final in four or five sets, so that Medvedev would start serving weaker out of fatigue," Bubanj said. "Then it is balanced and then Novak would be in the lead." According to Goran Bubanj, Novak Djokovic's keenness to rush the net during the match was an indication that he wasn't sure of his game-plan.

"I think that the game itself was strange, first of all Novak," Bubanj said. "The moment he lost his rhythm, he started rushing to the net, he even did it well, which is interesting, but even Federer would not go to the net so many times.

It was obvious that he was losing the game and that he simply did not have a clear concept according to which he would extend the match."