'Novak Djokovic will finish with 23 Majors', says top journalist

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'Novak Djokovic will finish with 23 Majors', says top journalist

Once again world number one and world tennis legend Novak Djokovic gets involved in extra tennis events. Already in the past the Serbian champion has been criticized for attitudes and statements 'out of the ordinary' but this time Nole seems to have 'made it really big' The tennis player, on vacation after the defeat in the final at the US Open and the consequent farewell to the Calendar Grand Slam, was seen at the table with former commander Milan Jolovic, protagonist of the Srebenica Genocide, massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslims, and episode which made the history of that country negatively in 1995.

The photos of this lunch quickly went viral on social media and criticism for this situation has rained all over the world. Until now Nole has refused to comment on any details regarding this 'lunch' Jolovic was the commander of the Drina Wolves, the so-called 'Wolves of Drina' and was a very important character in this story as he saved the life of Mladic, the general who led the massacre and who was then relegated to life in prison for genocide and war crimes.

A situation certainly at the level of an unedifying image for the Serbian champion who in the past was exposed to criticism for the direct Instagram with his friend and 'little appreciated' guru Chervin Jafarieh, a character considered excessive due to his use of particular theories.

A slightly difficult moment for Nole back from two big disappointments in the tennis field: after having literally dominated 2021 Djokovic lost the chance to win an Olympic medal by first losing the chance to reach gold against Alexander Zverev and then also missing the chance with the bronze by falling against the Spanish Pablo Carreno Busta.

At the US Open, however, the biggest disappointment came with the defeat in the final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev, winner with a triple 6-4 that thwarted the dreams of the Grand Slam in the same year as Nole.

Bouchard reflects on Djokovic

Reputed journalist Carole Bouchard was also part of the conversation on Tennis Majors and she, too, gave her thoughts on the possibility of Novak Djokovic completing the Calendar Slam in the future.

“I want to say no [about the Calendar Slam], but I should know better with him (Novak Djokovic), so you never know, and the Grand Slam totals, I think in his mind he wants 25, but can he get to 25? That would be crazy.

I would think three more," Carole Bouchard said. Shifting her focus to the Laver Cup, which is currently underway in Boston, Bartoli said it would be "nice" to include women in the event. The 36-year-old believes people would "pay" to watch mixed doubles matches between pairs like Novak Djokovic-Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez-Felix Auger-Aliassime.

“I think it would be great to incorporate women, I think it would be nice to be a mixed event, especially now when you have Leylah playing for the rest of the world, and Emma Raducanu playing for Europe,” Bartoli said.

“I think it would be so interesting to see some mixed doubles between Emma and Novak against Leylah and Felix, for example, that would be something a lot of people would pay [to see]”.