'What an honor and pleasure to know Novak Djokovic for...', says Bulgarian player

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'What an honor and pleasure to know Novak Djokovic for...', says Bulgarian player

Not even the world of tennis escapes what we know as politics. Motivated by the impulse of the players to create an organization merely managed and cared for by them, the PTPA was born with the intention of making the demands of the tennis players come true, to collaborate with the ATP to contribute to a much healthier and fairer tennis ecosystem.

Since its creation, much has been said about the role and the role that the PTPA can play in the coming years, questioned by the ATP, applauded and supported by a large nucleus of players who live, mainly, between 50 and 300 of the ranking .

There have also been criticisms, of course, which in particular pointed to a lack of understanding and unity with the WTA players. What we do know is that in recent months there have been developments within this organization.

Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil have been moving in the shadows with the main goal of making the PTPA a much stronger partnership on a commercial level. His latest movements have included the presence of several executives within the organization, in order to professionalize it, make it much more attractive and open up business and career opportunities to the players that are part of it.

All this has been confirmed in an article in the Sports Business Journal.

Evtimova comments on Novak Djokovic

Bulgarian player Dia Evtimova, who happens to be an old friend of Novak Djokovic's, recently posted a picture of the Serb from the time he was just 14 years old.

Evtimova, who has been training at Djokovic's tennis center in Belgrade lately, also heaped praise on the World No. 1 for his on-court brilliance and his humble nature. Evtimova also spoke in glowing terms about Djokovic's humble nature and sense of responsibility.

She believes those qualities are reflected in his involvement with the PTPA, where the Serb has sworn to improve the conditions for lower-ranked players. "What an honor and pleasure to know for 20 years the greatest player of our sport," Dia Evtimova said.

"An extraordinary athlete who is able to maintain down-to-earth behavior, authenticity and strong sense of responsibility about our sport and future tennis generations @ptpaplayers." Djokovic wished Evtimova good luck for her upcoming tournaments and said that it was "nice" to see her after a long while.

"Thank you 🙏 Dia for coming ! Good luck. It was so nice to see you after many years," Novak Djokovic replied to Dia Evtimova on Instagram.