'It’s Novak Djokovic's choice to participate in the Open if...', says analyst

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'It’s Novak Djokovic's choice to participate in the Open if...', says analyst

The weeks continue to pass and Novak Djokovic continues to put a gap with his main pursuers in one of the great records of "white sport" Even though it is clear that he will not play again in 2021, the Serbian tennis player remains at the top of the ATP rankings, separating more and more in the record of more weeks as the number one in the world.

With everything and that he has been absent at multiple stops on the circuit, and reappeared at the US Open, “Nole” comfortably stayed at the top of the men's tennis rankings. Djokovic, 34, awoke 341 per week as number one in the world, increasingly away from his pursuers in that classification.

The Serbian is already the tennis player who accumulates the longest time in the position of honor and there is no moment when they can displace him. His triumph at the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon gives him a margin for him to reach the last Grand Slam of the year with the leadership in his hands.

At the moment he already takes 31 weeks from his main pursuer, which is the Swiss Roger Federer with 310. Although the "express" is still active and is currently sixth in the ranking, the possibility that he will return to the top at 39 years of age is very remote.

The third and last place on the podium is occupied by the American Pete Sampras with 286 weeks. Further back on the list are Americans Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors, with 270 and 268, respectively. For his part, the Spanish Rafael Nadal is in the sixth historic box with 209 weeks being the leader of the ATP circuit.

O'Shannessy reflects on Novak Djokovic

The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has made it clear to Novak Djokovic that his status in the sport will not provide him with any benefits when it comes to the vaccination mandate in the state.

"Those titles (20 Grand Slams) won't protect you either, the only titles that'll protect you is that you are able to say that you have had your first dose and you have had your second dose," Daniel Andrews said.

"Logic and numerous conversations with the Prime Minister tell me that if you are an Australian citizen, you will be allowed home if you haven’t had the jab," Andrews added. The Premier of Victoria added that those coming to the country on visitor visas will not be given the same leeway.

"But if you’re coming on a tourist visa or a business visa, so you’re not an Aussie," he added. "You are coming to visit – the notion of you getting in here without being vaccinated, I think, is very, very low."

Australian Craig O'Shannessy, a renowned ATP strategist and number cruncher, recently spoke in favor of the vaccine mandate. “It’s Novak’s decision if he wants to get vaccinated. It’s his choice to participate in the Open if there is a mandate,” he said.