Toni Nadal: We did not know how to read Novak Djokovic's game

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Toni Nadal: We did not know how to read Novak Djokovic's game

Toni Nadal revealed that it was tougher for him to prepare a tactic against Novak Djokovic than it was to prepare a tactic against Roger Federer. Uncle Toni worked with Rafael Nadal for years before the two decided to split a few years ago.

Nadal has a positive head-to-head against Federer but a negative against Djokovic. "With Roger everything was always easier because since 2006 we focused on starting almost all the points playing a high and strong ball to his backhand.

Djokovic has always been much more complex, we did not know how to read his game. I remember at the US Open in 2010 Rafa came up to me in the middle of the game and asked me what to do. I instructed him to play hard and deep to the center, and only change directions when he had a very advantageous position," Toni said during his appearance on Tres Iguales podcast.

Giving his absolute best brings happiness to Nadal

Recently, Nadal acknowledged that a defeat is part of sport but added that giving his best every time is the thing that matters the most to him. "Tennis is a sport of defeat,” Nadal explained.

“Every week, or almost, we lose. It therefore represents a very important part of tennis, you have to learn to live with it. It’s a tough part of our sport on a mental level. In golf, for example, when you are asked how the tournament went, you say, “I finished 10th, or so.

“In tennis it’s, ‘I lost in the first round, second, etc,' Mentally, the approach is therefore very different. But in the end, I think the greatest personal satisfaction is knowing that you made every effort possible, every day, to try and achieve your goal.

Then you achieve it or not, but what brings the most happiness is the fact of having given the maximum of what depends on yourself to get there. It’s stronger than any success."