'My first memory about Novak Djokovic goes back...', says top coach

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'My first memory about Novak Djokovic goes back...', says top coach

It is not known exactly whether Novak Djokovic is vaccinated or not, but what is clear is that tennis players who are not vaccinated will not be able to compete in the first Grand Slam of the season: "Grand Slam titles will not protect to Novak Djokovic.

The only title that would protect him would be that he has received the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, "Andrews explained on Australian television. The current world number one has been one of the tennis players who has spoken the most about vaccination, being totally opposed a year ago: "Personally, I am opposed to vaccination and I would not like someone to force me to vaccinate for the purpose to be able to travel or play a tournament," said the Serbian in April 2020.

Later at the beginning of the year, Djokovic explained that it must be the person himself who decides what to do:" I feel that this decision must be personal. Each one has their own reasons for wanting to vaccinate or not. I support both positions.

Whether someone wants to be vaccinated or not depends entirely on them. I hope this will always be the case."

Fontang talks about Novak Djokovic

Felix Auger-Aliassime's coach Frederic Fontang believes Novak Djokovic must improve his on-court behavior given the fact he is a global icon followed by millions.

"Novak is the World No. 1 in a global sport; to see him throw his racket at the Olympics is not acceptable, no matter how disappointed he is," Fontang said in a conversation with Welovetennis.com. "He is a star who is watched by the whole world, he must set an example." During the conversation with Welovetennis, Frederic Fontang also spoke about the time he first came across Novak Djokovic when the Serb was still a junior.

“My first memory about Djokovic goes back a long way: he was a junior and I was taking care of Jérémy Chardy," Fontang said. "He was already very expressive on the court and very professional off the court.

His backhand was also well drilled. You couldn't predict such a career, but it was clear he was ambitious. To answer the question, I would say that his record is unassailable. However, I can understand that some of his reactions are not appreciated." Coming to his 2021 season, Djokovic won the Australian Open and then followed it by winning the titles at the French Open and the Wimbledon Championships.

After winning the title in England, he equaled Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on 20 Grand Slam titles each.