Younes El Aynaoui: Novak Djokovic is amazing, he takes great care of his academy


Younes El Aynaoui: Novak Djokovic is amazing, he takes great care of his academy

Former five-time ATP champion Younes El Aynaoui absolutely enjoys working at Novak Djokovic's academy and he has nothing but good to say of the world No. 1. El Aynaoui, a former world No. 14, insists Djokovic is a hard worker and he always finds time to check out what is happening at the academy and how is everyone doing.

“Novak is amazing. He decides everything for the academy. He plays a Grand Slam tournament, is world No. 1, helps other players and also takes care of the management of the academy. I couldn't have done that. Even shortly before a match, he checks to see if everything is going well at the academy," El Aynaoui told German Tennismagazin.

Djokovic was also praised by Billie Jean King

Djokovic has won three Grand Slams this year and he will likely once again finish the year ranked at No. 1. "If you listen to Novak Djokovic this year in his interviews, then you know why he’s No.

1 in the world—because he pays the price," King said, as quoted on Tennis Now. "He’s the most fit, he’s always looking for the edge, he trains right, he stretches all the time. “So at 16 just believe in yourself, but pay the price”.

Djokovic could find himself in a tough spot at the beginninf ot the new season as Victoria Premier Dan Andrews has made it clear to the Serb that unvaccinated players won't be allowed to play at the Australian Open. "With so much on the line for Novak, you've got to think that he's seriously going to think about it ...

he's tied at 20 with Roger and Rafa for Grand Slam titles and he wants to take that over and spread that gap," Australian tennis legend Todd Woodbridge said. "Coming to the tournament that he's won so much, you've got to think he's seriously thinking about doing it. It would be a shock to me if he doesn't come to Australia."

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