'Novak Djokovic checks whether everything is going well at...', says former ace

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'Novak Djokovic checks whether everything is going well at...', says former ace

Basketball star Nate Wolters talked about world number one and Serbian champion Novak Djokovic, a tennis player he has always followed. Wolters is one of the best players of the Red Star, a Belgrade team that Nole follows closely.

From time to time the Serbian champion also goes to the stadium to attend the Red Star matches and the basketball player spoke to the microphones of the Euroleague website about the illustrious sportsman: "I know that Novak comes to attend some of our games, he follows the team and I can only like this thing.

I think Nole is probably the best tennis player of all time. I hope he can come and see some matches again this year, I'm a big fan of him and I follow him, especially in the Grand Slam fight. He's a really fun tennis player to watch." Speaking of his passion for tennis, Wolters made it clear that he doesn't know how to play tennis a lot and that he certainly wouldn't like to challenge Novak Djokovic: "I'm not very good, I haven't played tennis for a very long time and yes, I wouldn't like to face him on the court." The basketball player then talked about the methods of the Serbian stating: "Nole is a great athlete and is a guy that everyone should be inspired by.

He takes care of his body, works very hard and is obviously gifted with great talent. I'd like to meet him in person and be able to talk to him." Wolters used to play both basketball and tennis as a child, but during the interview he revealed that he never had any doubts about what to do for the rest of his life: "Now I don't play tennis , I'm only focused on basketball and maybe when I retire I'll be able to play a little tennis to have fun."

El Aynaoui on Novak Djokovic

Younes El Aynaoui recently expressed his admiration for the Big 3, but reserved special praise for Novak Djokovic and his ability to juggle multiple roles simultaneously.

"Great. Novak is amazing," El Aynaoui said. "He decides every little thing for the structure. He plays a Grand Slam tournament, is number one in the world, helps other players and also takes care of running the structure. I couldn't have done that.

Even shortly before a match, he checks whether everything is going well at the structure. I played against Federer and Nadal when they were both relatively young on the tour. I won against both of them once," El Aynaoui said.

"I even beat Nadal at the Us Open. I see all three of them as the best, even if I never played against Novak." El Aynaoui went on to heap praise on Nadal's self-control and Federer's aesthetic tennis. "When talking about self-control, Nadal is outstanding," added the Moroccan.

"He never shows his frustration, only his motivation. When it comes to the beauty of tennis with fluid movements, Federer is the ultimate."

Novak Djokovic