'Even if I never played against Novak Djokovic, I believe...', says former star

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'Even if I never played against Novak Djokovic, I believe...', says former star

Novak Djokovic's 2021 was almost perfect. The number one in the world won the first 3 Grand Slam titles of the year and saw the only two heavy setbacks at the Tokyo Olympic Games and the US Open. If in Japan it was the German Alexander Zverev who extinguished the hopes of gold medal in the semifinals, at Flushing Meadows Nole was really one step away from the Calendar Grand Slam (a feat that never succeeded in the Open era) and in New York he gave up only in the final for the Russian Daniil Medvedev.

After the defeat at the beginning of the year in the final in Melbourne, he took great revenge by beating the number one in the world in three sets. Nole appeared very shaken after that defeat and the date of his return is still unknown.

The Serbian preferred not to participate in the Indian Wells tournament while at the moment he is enrolled in the Masters 1000 in Paris Bercy. The latest indications coming from Australia worry the fans of the Serbian: the state of Victoria in Australia announced a few days ago the obligation to be vaccinated for all professional athletes who will set foot in their country, by November 26th.

Given his position against the mandatory vaccine, there is curiosity in knowing if Novak will participate in the event, also because at the moment no one knows if Djokovic is already vaccinated or not.

El Aynaoui reflects on Djokovic

Younes El Aynaoui recently expressed his admiration for the Big 3, but reserved special praise for Novak Djokovic and his ability to juggle multiple roles simultaneously.

El Aynaoui was particularly impressed by the time and attention Djokovic gives to his academy in Belgrade, where the Moroccan works as a coach. "I played against Federer and Nadal when they were both relatively young on the tour.

I won against both of them once," El Aynaoui said. "I even beat Nadal at the Us Open. I see all three of them as the best, even if I never played against Novak." El Aynaoui went on to heap praise on Nadal's self-control and Federer's aesthetic tennis.

"When talking about self-control, Nadal is outstanding," added the Moroccan. "He never shows his frustration, only his motivation. When it comes to the beauty of tennis with fluid movements, Federer is the ultimate." As of now, Djokovic’s return on the court is uncertain.

He has already qualified for the ATP Finals 2021 in Turin and fans are quite excited to watch him play there. Will he be able to end the year as the World No.1 player?

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