'Novak Djokovic is the strongest player ever', says Italian former ace

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'Novak Djokovic is the strongest player ever', says Italian former ace

There are many rumors that suggest the possibility that Novak Djokovic is considering the possibility of shelving his season without playing a single tournament, but the most likely right now is that the Serbian has given up competing in Indian Wells with the goal of arriving physically and mentally rested on the European indoor track tour, with the ATP Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy 2021 being the first stop, the goal of securing the number 1 in the world and seeking the titles in Paris and Turin, the new headquarters of the 2021 Nitto ATP Finals.

Also, it seems feasible that he could go out of his way to play the 2021 Davis Cup Finals. Regardless of whether or not the Serbian finally decides to play in Paris, what is clear is that the French tournament has him as registered, as well as the rest of the staff of the ATP circuit.

The already known absences of Nadal, Federer, Thiem or Goffin will not cloud an event in which there will be many things at stake, one of the most important being the battle to access the masters tournament, in which multiple tennis players are expected to be involved.

Bertolucci on the Big 3

The ‘Big 3’ debate is tennis’s version of the chicken or the egg question. Everyone has their opinion and the debate will forever continue about who is the best amongst Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer in men’s tennis.

Talking about Djokovic’s dominance over the last few years at slams, former Italian Davis Cup winner and player Paolo Bertolucci lauded the Serb and called him the strongest of the Big-3. “The Djokovic of 2013 and of the last year and a half is the strongest player ever.

He and Nadal are able to keep mental and competitive rhythms that I would not have managed even five minutes. But how do they do it? I envy and admire them”, said Bertolucci. “Federer is tennis, we are all Federer fans”, the Italian said.

Also, Bertolucci praised all three of them for their modesty despite being the greatest players of all time in men’s singles tennis. “They know the past of their sport and respect it. You can meet them at dinner, if you cross them they come to greet you, they know who you are and what you did and have a chat with you. It is a sign of education, but also of historical culture and modesty,” concluded Paolo Bertolucci.