'Despite the presence of Novak Djokovic...', says ATP star

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'Despite the presence of Novak Djokovic...', says ATP star

Novak Djokovic decided not to participate in the Indian Wells 2021. However, after Medvedev's loss in California, Nole has taken 1,800 points away from the Russian player. Djoker has the advantage over Medvedev now, as he is more likely to participate in the Vienna Open and the 2021 ATP Finals.

Therefore, he only has 490 points to defend: 90 in Vienna and 400 in Turin. On the other hand, Medvedev will participate in the ATP Moscow and the Paris Masters 2021 together with the two previous tournaments and is the defending champion in the Paris Masters and the ATP Finals; thus, he has to defend 2,635 points: 1,500 in Turin, 1,000 in Paris, 45 in Moscow and 90 in Vienna.

Even if Djokovic fails to deliver in the 2021 ATP Finals, he may still be world No. 1, as Medvedev will lose a large number of points if he fails in Paris or Turin. Hence, the Serbian legend has a golden opportunity to break Sampras' record at the end of this year.

Can Alexander Zverev stop Djokovic? Nole decided not to take part at the Indian Wells 2021. However, after Medvedev’s loss in California, Nole has successfully taken away 1,800 points from the Russian player.

Krajinovic opens up on Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is set to return to action this season, with compatriot Filip Krajinovic confirming the World No.

1's presence at the Davis Cup Finals. During an interview with Serbian daily Blic, Krajinovic stressed the Serbian team is eager to get their hands on the title, especially since Novak Djokovic will be present. “I would like to use the next three tournaments to raise my game before the Davis Cup," Krajinovic said.

“We are going there with all the best players, so our goal is to lift the trophy, just like we did in 2010. Novak is with us, so we are surely not going there to lose. We made an agreement to play, all of us, we are eager to get that trophy."

Filip Krajinovic reckons Germany and Austria will be "significantly" weaker without Zverev and Thiem, while Serbia, with Novak Djokovic, will have their strongest lineup. “Without them (Zverev and Thiem), it is clear that Germany and Austria are significantly weaker, and we have our best possible line-up.

The world No 1 is on our side and we are going there to win," Krajinovic said. "Usually, the success with the national team boosts our individual careers as well, so we are hoping that is going to be the case again now, before the 2022 season."