'It is logical that Novak Djokovic is still...', says ATP star

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'It is logical that Novak Djokovic is still...', says ATP star

The doors of the Australian Open are opened to Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis player had questioned his participation in the first Grand Slam of the season due to the harsh restrictions that were announced from the southern country.

Well, in the last hours it seems that a setback is looming in the entry requirements that would allow unvaccinated players to compete, yes, after spending 14 days in quarantine. Last week, senior political leaders from the federal and state governments said players who had not received two doses of a recognized COVID-19 vaccine were unlikely to obtain visas for the tournament, which runs from January 17-30.

in Melbourne Park. This Monday, a leaked email from the WTA to its Players Council suggested that unvaccinated players would likely be granted a visa, but must remain isolated in a hotel for two weeks. Fully vaccinated players would not have to undergo such a quarantine.

"We feel the need to contact all of you to clear up false and misleading information that has recently been released by other parties about the conditions that players will be forced to endure at next year's Australian Open," the email read.

"We have been communicating regularly with the Tennis Australia team over the past few months and they shared some good news with us on our call from the Players Council last Friday to get the facts."

Medvedev on Novak Djokovic

While Novak Djokovic making it to the finals of all four slams and winning three of them is an exceptional achievement, Daniil Medvedev defeating the Serb in the US Open finals was significant in terms of the future of men’s singles tennis.

“Though Novak did not play several Masters this year, he won three Slams and was in the final of the fourth, so it is logical that he is still No. 1. If I’ll catch up with him this year, excellent, but if not I will try to do it down the road”, commented the Russian.

Ahead of the Paris Masters, Medvedev had a great chance to inch closer to Djokovic in terms of ranking points at the Indian Wells Masters. With the Serb’s exit, it was expected of Medvedev to clinch the title and grab 1000 points.

“It’s not only fatigue, there were a couple of things I felt in Indian Wells. There is nothing serious, but I don’t want to talk about them. Since the Olympics, I have not returned home—for two and a half months, I was in the States”, Medvedev mentioned in a press conference in Moscow.