Dijana Djokovic: I didn't think Novak and Jelena would get married

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Dijana Djokovic: I didn't think Novak and Jelena would get married

Dijana Djokovic has revealed that she didn't really believe her son Novak Djokovic would marry Jelena and admitted she is not a fan of her son's diet that doesn't include meat for the past six years. Djokovic used to meat three times a day but he turned vegan six years ago and he follows a specific diet.

"As a young tennis player Novak didn't have much time to party. [...] His first girlfriend was a volleyball player [...], but they still were kids. We later met Jelena, when they were 18 - I didn't think they would get married.

But eventually he married her," Dijana told Blic. "It wouldn't be good if I interfered. Unfortunately, they rarely come - they have their own family and oasis. And Jelena does some things her own way. There are some disagreements, especially when it comes to nutrition, which I don't support."

Djokovic in an uncomfortable spot

The Australian Open is inching toward officlaly announcing that unvaccinated players will be allowed to compete at the Australian Open.

However, even if unvaccinated players do get allowed to play in Melbourne, they would have to complete 14 days of hard quarantine. In a recent interview, Djokovic refused to reveal his vaccination status and hinted he could skip the Australian Open.

This year's Australian Open runner-up Daniil Medvedev came to the defence of Djokovic following the Serb's comments. "Look, I really liked what Novak said the other day. Tennis is an individual sport and I never want to reveal medical information because my rivals would have information about my possible weaknesses.

In this case it should be the same. Vaccination is a decision personal and there is no reason to disclose information, I am not going to do it. Those who do not want to be vaccinated will claim to have some type of injury in order not to compete, without having to admit that they are unvaccinated. As for me, I will only say that I want to play the tournament," Medvedev said.