Novak Djokovic: 'It was not a good experience for us'


Novak Djokovic: 'It was not a good experience for us'

Stefanos Tsitsipas' 2021 was undoubtedly a good season. The talented Greek tennis player has played 71 games, won two tournaments and played in the Roland Garros final, coming close to beating world number one Novak Djokovic.

Despite this, Stefanos has no intention of stopping and is one of the protagonists of the ATP 500 tournament in Vienna. In the debut match he challenged one of the fittest tennis players of the moment, the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, annulled a set point in the first set and finished in one hour and 43 minutes with the score of 7-6; 6-4.

At the post-match press conference, Tsitsipas spoke about the match and his future goals, showing great ambitions and a desire to improve his tennis. Now the talented Hellenic is considered along with Alexander Zverev and the current world number two Daniil Medvedev as the main candidate to replace the Big Three 'on the roof of the world' The Greek tennis player spoke thus: "Grigor is a very tough opponent and also in this match he showed a very high level of tennis.

I am satisfied to have won this match, I had a plan when I went out on the court and I carried it forward, until the end, with a lot of patience and tenacity. I think I had a good attitude throughout the game and this was decisive for my victory." The tennis player then spoke about the future: “For me it is essential to develop my offensive tennis in the game and above all I have to know how to choose the moment to deepen with the blow, but beyond that I have to manage my nerves in the most extreme situations." Australia's Federal Trade and Tourism Minister Dan Tehan believes it would be a "shame" if his government does not find a way to allow Novak Djokovic to take part in the 2022 Australian Open.

Djokovic on the 2022 Australian Open

Novak Djokovic is extremely conscious of his health and has often spoken out against mandatory vaccinations. "It was not a good experience for us, for example, it was very difficult for Viktor," Novak Djokovic said of the quarantine restrictions for the 2021 Australian Open.

"We had that quarantine where we could train, but if a man can't train, then... Put a professional athlete in that kind of quarantine so he can't get out of the room, and then expect him to play on some level, really. Not to mention the increased risk of injury, of which there were many, including me at this year's Australian Open," he added.

"If such conditions remain, I think that many players will think very well whether they will go or not."

Novak Djokovic