Novak Djokovic explains strenghts of Daniil Medvedev

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Novak Djokovic explains strenghts of Daniil Medvedev

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic doesn't want to publicly speak about Daniil Medvedev's weaknesses but he explained in what areas the Russian is strong. Djokovic and Medvedev have met twice on the biggest scene this year. Djokovic beat Medvedev in the Australian Open final but the Russian returned the favor at the US Open when he beat the Serb in the final for his maiden Grand Slam title.

"Well, every player has a weakness, but, you know, I don't want to publicly talk about what I see in his game as a weakness. But he has definitely improved a lot, and the Grand Slam win at the US Open for him did not come as a surprise to me, considering the quality that he possesses," Djokovic said of Medvedev.

"He has a tremendous serve. Once he has the rhythm on the serve, he has a very high percentage of that first serve, and he hits hits spot in the box incredibly well. I mean, that's the biggest weapon of his game, without a doubt.

"And then, of course, that backhand that is very flat, and he's just, as strong as a wall from that side, he doesn't miss. On the forehand side, that side was weaker in the previous years. He has improved that a lot, so there is not a big weakness on that side of the court for him anymore as much as maybe it was some years ago."

Djokovic admits Medvedev is leveling up

Djokovic also described Medvedev as a very professional and smart player.

"But nowadays, he's becoming an all-around player, more complete, and as a result, he is a Grand Slam champion fighting for the year-end No. 1 ranking. As I said, it comes as no surprise to me," Djokovic added. Djokovic is set to return to action at the Paris Masters -- his first tournament since the US Open final loss to Medvedev. Djokovic won the Paris Masters last time in 2019.