Novak Djokovic: 'For the last 15 years I did not have...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'For the last 15 years I did not have...'

Can you imagine the 2022 Australian Open without the world number one? It is a possibility that seems to be latent for the first Grand Slam of the season. In the preview of what will be his return to the circuit, after two months of absence, Novak Djokovic did not make it clear if he is willing to comply with the rules that the Australian Open will establish for its next edition.

Although it is not confirmed, and it seems difficult for him to do so, the world number one has not specified if he has already received the vaccine against COVID-19 and even stated in the past that he will not make it public.

“Regarding the Australian Open 2022, I will make the decision once the official statement by Tennis Australia is known. At this time we do not have anything confirmed. Until it comes out I will not talk more about the subject, it does not want to be part of other stories and assumptions.

When we know the official requirements to travel to Australia and play the tournament, then I'll see what I do," acknowledged the defending champion of the tournament. As far as it has been spread, it is believed that the organization of the first Grand Slam of the season will not allow any tennis player who does not have the vaccine to compete in next year's edition.

At the moment nothing is clear, not even the defense of the best player on the planet. MISSES THE FANS One of the reasons that most encouraged Novak Djokovic to return to activity in the final part of the season is due to the fact that he once again felt the affection of the fans, which made him cry in his last participation in the US Open.

Djokovic on his US Open 2021 loss

Novak Djokovic has generally enjoyed less crowd support than his fellow Big 3 members Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Djokovic was even heckled at this year's Wimbledon, and he wasn't the crowd favorite in most of his matches at Roland Garros either.

"Of course I'm disappointed that I lost the match, but I feel like I was blessed to experience love from the crowd and support from the stadium that I have never experienced before in my life in New York, and actually not in many places around the world," Djokovic said.

"And that kind of energy that I received from the crowd, from the moment I stepped in the court until I stepped out, is a win for life, is a win for for this human relationship. They just, as I said, on the court touched my heart."

Djokovic also admitted that he "did not expect" such a reception at this year's US Open, pointing out how he hasn't enjoyed much support the last 15 years. "Well, I hope to have that kind of relationship with the crowd, in New York, in France.

This feeling that I had in New York was very special," Djokovic said. "I did not expect this. For the last 15 years I did not have this support, and I was very much moved by the crowd's support, and I'm very grateful."