Stefanos Tsitsipas: There is currently only Big One - Novak Djokovic

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Stefanos Tsitsipas: There is currently only Big One - Novak Djokovic
Stefanos Tsitsipas: There is currently only Big One - Novak Djokovic (Provided by Tennis World USA)

World No. 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas has dropped a major praise on Novak Djokovic, saying there is only a Big One at the moment. The Big Three -- Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer -- have dominated the Grand Slam scene for the past decade and a half.

Nadal and Federer have struggled with injuries in recent years but Djokovic is still as strong as ever. "Currently, there is only a Big One: Novak Djokovic. He is still the best in the world. But Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev and I are right behind him.

We can become the next Big Three, I strongly believe in it," Tsitsipas told BILD.

Djokovic undecided on the Australian Open

Djokovic has enjoyed most Grand Slam success at Melbourne Park, where he is a record nine-time Australian Open champion.

Unfortunately, there is a chance we won't be seeing Djokovic at the Australian Open next year. “Regarding Australia – to avoid speculation and assumptions, I am waiting for the official announcement to be released before I decide what I will do," Djokovic said this week.

"I am not thinking only of myself but of all the other tennis players. We are colleagues, parts of a whole, we should be more united when it comes to important situations, but unfortunately that unity has not existed in the last 30, 40 years… We have now made the first step (with the PTPA), but there is still much to be done.

The unity between the players is not on the required level. If it was, we would deal with such situations much more easily”. Australia's Tourism Minister Dan Tehan said it would be a shame if Djokovic really skipped the Australian Open.

“Novak Djokovic has been an absolute stalwart of the Australian Open and one of the best players ever to play at the event," Tehan said. “It would be a shame if we couldn’t find a way, especially if he was prepared to do two weeks of quarantine, for him to come and defend the outstanding record he has at the Australian Open."

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