Andy Murray: Novak Djokovic's backhand is better than mine

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Andy Murray: Novak Djokovic's backhand is better than mine

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray named Novak Djokovic as the player who has a better backhand than him. Both Murray and Djokovic play well from the backhand side but the Britom admits the Serb plays that specific shot better than him.

Murray and Djokovic have had many big battles over the years as the Serb leads their head-to-head 25-11. "Probably Djokovic. He has got an amazing backhand. He has got a little bit more spin on his backhand than mine which gives a little bit more safety," Murray said, when asked which player has a better backhand than him.

Djokovic makes history

Last week at the Paris Masters, Djokovic won a record 37th Masters title and secured a record seventh year-end No. 1 finish. "I try to make myself aware of the fact that, you know, I am in a very unique position.

It's difficult for me to understand the magnitude of these achievements, you know, not just for myself but for the sport while I'm still an active player. Probably when I retire, I'll be able to reflect on that a little bit more and appreciate it a little bit more," Djokovic said.

"Of course I'm very appreciative and grateful for it now, but, you know, what is the next challenge is always in your mind while you are an active player. It's constantly another task, another tournament. So don't have really much time to enjoy the success, so to say, because you always have to turn the next page."

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi acknowledged the greatness of Djokovic following his latest achievement. "Finishing the season as No. 1 is a monumental achievement. To do it seven times, in this incredible era of men’s professional tennis, is hard to describe.

Novak deserves huge credit and recognition for continuing to redefine excellence in our sport, year after year," Gaudenzi said.