'I'm not at all surprised that Novak Djokovic...', says former No.1

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'I'm not at all surprised that Novak Djokovic...', says former No.1

"I think we no longer need to train together." Never banal even on social media Daniil Medvedev. The Russian, after the final lost in three sets in Paris-Bercy against Novak Djokovic jokes on his social channels by posting some shots of the award ceremony.

Daniil alludes to the training sessions he spent with the world number one on the eve of the Parisian Masters 1000. Medvedev reached the final almost with the odds, with four wins in the last six matches against the world number one.

It was not enough for the Russian to overtake Djokovic in the final and confirm the title he won at Bercy last year when he found Alexander Zverev in the final. At the end of the match, the usual sportsmanship between the top two players in the world, who had already shown mutual respect at the US Open final when Medvedev, after beating Djokovic with a surprise 3-0, was almost sorry for the rival for preventing him from completing the Grand Slam.

"I didn't feel the pressure at all, I played my game with normality and slowly I put Medvedev in difficulty. I got more points from the first than I expected and I think this was one of the keys in my favor", the Serbian revealed during the post-final conference.

To give the Serbian victory, probably, was the match plan, very aggressive on the part of the world number one, unusually projected to the net. “The tactic of going to the net often? It was part of my strategy, I won 27 shots out of 36 at the net and I used variety to put him in trouble, he stays far behind and therefore gets into trouble near the net."

Henin opens up on Djokovic

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Justine Henin recently spoke at length about Novak Djokovic, highlighting some of the Serb's standout qualities. Henin believes Djokovic is "totally unique" and has the "humility" required to keep taking his game to greater heights.

“He is totally unique,” Henin told Eurosport. “I think it's really about time - even though there are a lot of people who obviously respect his huge career - that people realise what he is achieving. You can like Novak Djokovic, you can dislike him, there are many people who don't fancy his character, but what he is doing in his career, what the champion is doing, is simply extraordinary."

Henin believes nobody can match Djokovic's hunger and desire to keep breaking records. “And me, I'm not at all surprised that he came back here (Paris) because there are more records to go after and because it's his job," added Henin.

"It's his passion. It's what he loves, because a competitor like that doesn't exist today on the circuit."