Novak Djokovic clarifies retirement date comments

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Novak Djokovic clarifies retirement date comments

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has clarified his comment in which he suggested he would play tennis for two more years. "Yes, the dream goes on and I hope to play this sport two more years," Djokovic said during his acceptance speech when receiving the year-end No.

1 trophy. The comment drew lots of attention but Djokovic clarified himself and said he doesn’t want to put a limit of how much more he wants to play. "Paio d’anni’ means a couple of years. I said ‘couple’ meaning – I don’t know.

I thought a couple of years playing at the highest level, why not? I mean, it would be great,” Djokovic said on the Italian turn of phrase. “I don’t have a number in my mind of the years I still want to play at this level.

“I don’t have a limit. I don’t want to impose a limit to myself at all, because I still enjoy playing tennis, and I really enjoy competition and playing at the highest level. Being number one in the world, there is no reason for me yet to think about leaving tennis”.

Djokovic, 34, insists he is still in an exceptional shale

"I take care of my body along with my team pretty well, so I believe it won’t be for the injury actually, I hope it won’t be for that, that it will come on my own terms, whenever that moment arrives, that I’ll be very clear with myself that that’s it, you know, that chapter of my life is done, that I can move on," Djokovic added.

“But I just don’t feel that’s (retirement) around the corner, so to say. I still feel like I have years in my legs and in my heart and in my head. “As long as that’s the case, I’ll keep going, because I truly love the sport and I enjoy the competition, because it keeps me going, challenges me, motivates me, and that’s essential ingredients for me to still keep on playing”.