Novak Djokovic: I hope we get to see Roger Federer one last time

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Novak Djokovic: I hope we get to see Roger Federer one last time

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic saus Roger Federer is an "icon of our sport" as he hopes the Swiss will make another comeback. Federer, 40, underwent a knee surgery in August. Federer, who underwent two knee surgeries in 2020, returned to action this past March.

After losing in the Wimbledon quarterfinal, Federer took a break before deciding to call it a season. Federer's coach Ivan Ljubicic said it's unlikely we will see the 20-time Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open.

"Have not heard the news only comments from Ljubicic that Australia is in doubt. He is an icon of our sport; people love him. For the sake of our sport I hope we get to see him one last time. For all that he has done he deserves to finish on his own terms," Djokovic said of Federer, per Jannik Schneider.

Federer set to miss a second consecutive Australian Open

Federer made the Australian Open semifinal in 2020 before losing to Djokovic. Federer didn't play at Melbourne Park earlier this year as he was still recovering from a knee surgery.

"I think there are very few chances, he is still recovering and knowing him, he wants to be sure he can play to win the tournament and be at 100 per cent," the Croatian told Stats Perform. "So I think the Australian Open is not a real possibility right now.

But he will go step by step because he is 40 years old now and he needs to be patient. He cannot recover as quickly as he used to." Federer turned 40 in August and he has had three knee surgeries over the last year and a half but he still not ready to retire.

"We have spoken and I can guarantee he wants to return to playing tennis," Ljubicic added. "When he decides to stop he will retire, but I don't think it's going to happen all of a sudden."