Physiotherapist: Novak Djokovic is very intelligent, spiritual

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Physiotherapist: Novak Djokovic is very intelligent, spiritual

Physiotherapist Ulises Badio has described Novak Djokovic as a "very intelligent and spiritual person." Badio has been working with Djokovic since 2017 and he has been doing an exceptional job with the Serb's body.

"It is a difficult question, because it would take a long time to talk. But he is a very intelligent person, very spiritual. That makes us have a connection that I call yin and yang, because within one there is black and white.

Novak is a very good person, very sensitive, who perceives all the details. And he’s never satisfied, that’s why he’s a champion," Badio told AS.

Badio's dream came true after he started working with Djokovic

"I started working for the ATP in Rome, between 2011 and 2012, so every time he came we saw each other.

I knew the team I had before. As a physical therapist, since I was younger I had very clear goals, and my dream was to get to work with a number one. I had had relevant offers, but I always said no because I was waiting for that moment.

Years passed until 2017 rolled around and Novak asked me to treat him. There began a more daily relationship, but with nothing closed. Then he told me to go with him to Roland Garros and until now," Badio explained. Badio knew from Day 1 that the big responsibility was on his back but he was ready for the challenge.

"The responsibility with a tennis player like Djokovic is 200%, because when you touch an athlete like that, of such a high level, at any moment you can be one second away from hurting him. You have to know his anatomy and your profession, just as he knows his body," Badio said. World No. 1 Djokovic is currently in Turin, where he has started his ATP Finals campaign with two wins.