Physiotherapist reveals Zlatan Ibrahimovich's message to Novak Djokovic

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Physiotherapist reveals Zlatan Ibrahimovich's message to Novak Djokovic

Physiotherapist Ulises Badio revealed Novak Djokovic recently met with footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the AC Milan striker suggested to the Serb his best year could be next year. Djokovic, 34, is set to turn 35 next year and his body is still in an exceptional shale and he is still as dominant as ever.

Ibrahimovic has had a long career himself as he is
40 and still able to produce in the field. Ibrahimovic told Djokovic his best year came at the age of 35. "He is an extremely unusual person, someone who is not from this planet.

I have done things and therapies that I had never been able to practice with other athletes. The other day a footballer called Zlatan came (Ibrahimovic) and asked Novak how old he was: ’34’, he replied, and he explained that the best moment of his career was at 35.

At night, when we were working, I said to Novak, ‘Do you realize that you are 34 and that next year may be the best? ‘. It is important that you know that you still have many years ahead of you, I think four or five at the highest level," Badio told AS.

Badio has had a lot of success with Djokovic

Badio and Djokovic have been working together since 2017. Since then, Djokovic has accomplished some of the biggest things in the game. "For me it already is. In the years that I have been with him, we have won many tournaments and, above all, many positive things in life.

If God wants and we continue together, I want that: to be well and earn much more," Badio added. Djokovic won the Paris Masters after beating Daniil Medvedev in the final and now he is aiming to win the ATP Finals and capture back-to-back titles. Djokovic started his campaign at the ATP Finals with a 2-0 record.