'Outside of that specific statistic, Novak Djokovic owns...', says former ace

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'Outside of that specific statistic, Novak Djokovic owns...', says former ace

World No. 5 Andrey Rublev admitted he was running and overthinking against Novak Djokovic and that got him nowhere against the Serb. Djokovic, ranked No. 1 in the world, lost just five games en route to a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Rublev.

Rublev broke Djokovic in the first game of the match, but the Serb responded with two breaks to win the first set. Djokovic also broke Rublev twice in the second set to book a straight-set victory. "I have to go through this experience.

I went through this when I was playing my first match against Andy, against Rafa, and it always takes time. I need to play a couple of games like this to feel ... that you can compete with the best players. It takes time, "Rublev said after the loss, according to Tennis Now."

I was in a bit of a rush, a bit of overthinking, because every time I thought, okay, now I have a chance to attack, now I have a chance to lead the point, and you start thinking about the next two, three shots and in the end you don't even do this " "I knew I had to be alert and start well," Djokovic said.

"I dropped my serve again like in the first game [against Casper Ruud]. It was a pretty nervous start for both of us to 4-3, then with new balls I somehow managed to find the right shots at the right time. I made him play, mainly at the break point at 4-3, when I managed to make a good passing."

Roddick opens up on Djokovic

Pete Sampras recently called Novak Djokovic the greatest player of all time, citing some of the Serb's remarkable achievements from this year. Andy Roddick echoed Sampras' comments, stating Djokovic would become the undeniable GOAT once he clinches his 21st Major.

"The only thing left that is even up for it is the total Slam count right," Andy Roddick said. "There's Rafa winning the French Open, we don't know the status for the Australian Open." Djokovic owns a positive head-to-head record against both Federer (27-23) and Nadal (30-28).

Roddick highlighted this fact while stressing how the Serb has the upper hand over his rivals in every key metric. "But outside of that specific statistic, Novak owns the rest of them - head-to-head, seven years at No.

1," Andy Roddick said. "Now, I don't know what the biggest upset is to Pete, whether Novak broke his record of six years at No. 1 or the fact that he was quoted in public." Pete Sampras recently explained in detail why he considers Novak Djokovic the GOAT.

The American pointed to the Serb's consistency and prolonged domination of the tour to drive home his point. "I do think what Novak's done over the past 10 years, winning the Majors, being consistent, finishing No. 1 for seven years, to me it's a clear sign that he is the greatest of all time," Sampras said.