Jeromy Kym, 18, explains what advice Novak Djokovic gave him

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Jeromy Kym, 18, explains what advice Novak Djokovic gave him

Promising Swiss Jerome Kym, 18, is thrilled to be one of this year’s participants in the Nitto ATP Finals Junior Hitting Partner Initiative. Kym, ranked at No. 1112 in the world, had a chance to hit with the world's best players and that's experience from which he will try to learn a lot.

“To play with the eight best players in the world, there is nothing more special than to play with those guys. I’m really happy that the ATP gave me this chance to know a new world,” Kym told the ATP Finals website.

“They go to practice to learn new things, on every ball they have a discussion about what they did wrong and what they can do better”.

Kym received advice from Novak Djokovic

Kym is 6’6” and his serve is one of his biggest weapons.

“I was surprised with the personalities from [Matteo] Berrettini and [Andrey] Rublev, because they saw me not just as a hitting partner, but also as a normal person,” Kym said. “They asked where I’m from, the hobbies I have and other questions.

I’m happy they see me as a person, not just a hitting partner. [Novak] Djokovic also gave me some advice for my serve, what I can do better on the second serve”. Djokovic, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, tried to explain Kym how to use his serve.

“He told me that with [speed] it’s easier for him to get the ball back deep in the court [that way],” Kym recalled. “He told me to try two or three times in the game where the ball needs to bounce high, because then he needs to play over his shoulder.

I have time to prepare for the next shot and then that will make my game easier”. Kym has never been ranked inside the top-1000 but he is certainly hoping to make a big jump next year.