Novak Djokovic: I know that I'm a thorn in the side of many

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Novak Djokovic: I know that I'm a thorn in the side of many

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has made a great living for himself out of tennis but he now wants to help those lower-ranked to enjoy much better rights on the Tour. "We are a conformity society, we always prefer to join the herd than to leave it.

Instead of saying 'This is not right, it is not fair, I will fight for the other person, who is less fortunate than me', they choose the easier way. I know that I'm a thorn in the side of many, I try to break the monopoly system that has been in our sport for many years," Djokovic told Serbian reporters after the Norrie win.

"I know who I am and what I am, and I know what is right. Barely 150 players make a living from tennis in the men's and women's game. Tell me any other sports where this is the case. We fight for exactly these guys and girls.

They put in an effort, but they aren't listened to. The elite wants to rise while these players fight. That's why this little guy from Serbia is here to intervene and to show them how it should be done."

Djokovic went perfect in the group stage

On Friday night, Djokovic saw off Cameron Norrie 6-2 6-1 to finish the group stage at the ATP Finals with a 3-0 record.

"I tried not to think about tomorrow’s semi-final,” Djokovic said in his on-court interview. “It is not easy to walk on the court knowing you have already qualified and you know your opponent. I tried to be professional and I tried to give my best and I played really well.

It was the first time we have played each other. I took the time away from Cameron. I analysed his game and knew the game plan and executed it very well”. Djokovic is aiming to win a sixth title at the season-ending event.