Ulises Badio: "Don't criticize Novak Djokovic"


Ulises Badio: "Don't criticize Novak Djokovic"

In a recent interview granted to AS, his physiotherapist Ulises Badio expressed his opinion on the frequent criticisms addressed to Novak Djokovic. Badio said: "Receiving criticism does not just happen to Novak Djokovic, but to any human being.

Before you frame a man as the villain in the movie, you need to be very careful. Who is without sin, cast the first stone. A lot of people pretend to shoot sentences on Nole without knowing him at all and I cannot deny that this hurts him.

These are mostly gratuitous attacks driven by antipathy. " Mental strength has always allowed Djokovic to come out of the most complicated situations with his head held high. Badio in fact added: "Throughout his career, Novak has had the ability to transform negativity into positive energy.

He learned his mistakes from him and learned useful lessons from them."

Djokovic's saeson

The Serbian hasn't won the year-end Masters since 2015, too long a fast for a legend like Djokovic. We'll see if the first Turin edition will bring him luck.

Novak Djokovic is undoubtedly one of the greatest tennis players of any era. The number 1 in the world recently won the Paris-Bercy tournament, putting his 37th Masters 1000 on the bulletin board and beating Rafael Nadal in this special ranking.

The Serbian champion has gone one step away from the Calendar Grand Slam this year, he had won the first three Slams of the season with full merit. In the US Open final, tension and fatigue blocked the 34-year-old from Belgrade, who succumbed sharply to Daniil Medvedev at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Nole will have another chance to hoist himself to 21 Majors at the next Australian Open, but his presence in Melbourne is still shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, Djokovic is busy at the ATP Finals in Turin. The Belgrade will face Alexander Zverev on Saturday for a place in the final.

Recall that Novak is already certain to finish the year at the top of the ATP ranking for the seventh time in his amazing career.

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