Daniil Medvedev's coach: Novak Djokovic is pushing Daniil Medvedev to become better

Gilles Cervara suggests Djokovic's presence is forcing Medvedev to constantly try to find ways to get better.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniil Medvedev's coach: Novak Djokovic is pushing Daniil Medvedev to become better

Coach Gilles Cervara suggested that Novak Djokovic's presence is making Daniil Medvedev push himself harder and always try to become a better player. Medvedev saw off Djokovic in straight sets in the US Open final but two weeks ago lost to the Serb in the Paris Masters final.

"Yes, it is. It’s fun for me because I like to analyse many things to find solutions," Cervara told the ATP website. "Before the Paris final, we expected Novak could change something in his game and he did. Again, I read many times… I read that Agassi said Sampras made him better and Sampras said Agassi made him better.

It’s exactly the same. When you play top players like this, after each match you try to find the solution to solve the problem. It can be the same for us if we have a chance to play Novak this week."

Medvedev to prepare something new next time he faces Djokovic

"We know that he’s able to make another type of game.

If you keep in your mind that he’s able to play like this, it makes you a bit more ready if it happens again. But now it’s our turn to find the solution first," Cervara noted. Medvedev has won titles at every level but Cervara insists the Russian is staying with both feet on the ground.

"The good thing is I feel that winning doesn’t change anything for us. It means we want to win more and more and more. It’s just normal. When you come on court to do your best, to make the best shot, the best practice, when you play to win a match, it’s something totally normal for these guys here.

It’s their job," Cervara claimed. "They are here because they want to win all the time. It’s nothing special. Maybe from outside it looks tough, but in fact it’s like the blood going in the veins. It’s the same."

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