'Even if Novak Djokovic skipped the 2022 Australian Open...', says former star

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'Even if Novak Djokovic skipped the 2022 Australian Open...', says former star

The toilet break was the protagonist of heated discussions between tennis players on the circuit in the last months of the 2021 season. In this regard, the ATP wanted to take a definitive position and made some important changes to avoid new and further controversies in 2022.

The long break to go to the bathroom, which some players used to react to a difficult phase of the game, was not frowned upon especially by the athletes who have suffered such a situation, since in most cases they lost. the pace and control of the challenge for an undue stop.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic were the main 'targets', accused of exploiting too much the legislation in force, causing the opponent to drop in intensity and concentration while waiting and creating the conditions to overturn the score when the game resumes.

There were several requests for a revision of the regulation on the subject, an aspect not overlooked by the competent body. From now on, tennis players will be able to take a break at the end of each set, which cannot last more than three minutes after the person has entered the toilet.

Two more turns of hands will be granted if the player also opts for a change of clothing. In case of not returning to the field after the allotted time, there will be a violation that must be addressed. The rules have already been tested at the Next Gen Atp Finals in Milan and given the positive feelings, the ATP has confirmed the implementation in the major tour.

This was reported by the French newspaper L'Équipe, followed by AFP and Reuters.

Roddick comments on Djokovic

Andy Roddick recently opined that Novak Djokovic has a longer "runway" left to win Major titles compared to his great rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The American also believes Djokovic has, over the last decade, consistently been the best player out of the Big 3. "Is Novak going to be prepared to play in Australia by avenue of vaccination?" Roddick said. "What I will say confidently is, given the runway and the toll on the bodies [of the Big 3] and what we've seen as far as bodies breaking down - Novak seemingly has the longest runway and has been the best consistently for the last five, 10 years even." Roddick admitted that Nadal's path would become easier if the Serb (a nine-time champion in Melbourne) were to skip the event.

"But he (Djokovic) only got better this year," Roddick continued. "I don't know if you can say that about Rafa, I certainly don't think you can say that about Roger, unfortunately at this point in their careers. So, Novak still has to be the favorite [for the Australian Open].

But this new wrinkle where Rafa comes in and there's, you know, the route to the Aussie Open title - [where Nadal] doesn't have to go through Novak."

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