Novak Djokovic: I have not given up on idea of staging Adria Tour again in future

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Novak Djokovic: I have not given up on idea of staging Adria Tour again in future

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic is still holding hope that one day the Adria Tour will again take place. Last year, Djokovic was the driving force behind the inaugural Adria Tour. Djokovic's plan was to hold matches in Belgrade, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Some of the biggest names of the game participated at the Adria Tour but the event ended on the worst way possible. After Grigor Dimitrov tested positive for COVID-19, the final of the Adria Tour event in Zadar was cancelled and soon the organizers decided to call off the Adria Tour events in Bosnia and Montenegro.

"We'll see what happens with that, I don't know. When the tennis season starts, which is the longest in all sports, it's very difficult to find a week in the year when you could organize something like that.

It will be a big challenge, but nothing is ruled out, I I still want to organize it in the future in a way that will be better than it ended last year," Djokovic said, per

Djokovic received lots of criticism

The stands were full in Belgrade and nobody wore a mask.

Djokovic, the main man behind the Adria Tour, received the most criticism because many thought that wasn't okay to hold something like that in such conditions while the world was in the midst of a pandemic. After Dimitrov tested positive, the outrage on Djokovic and his Adria Tour was extreme.

"Unfortunately, that also endangered the reputation, which is not the best, but the idea and desire for this event to live in the future is certainly present in me. I hope that we will succeed in some other conditions and situations to do it in the future, of course educated.

from the some mistakes we made. Surely we would do some things differently, but it is what it is, in life a person learns the most from such mistakes and situations that don't go as we expected them," Djokovic explained.