Novak Djokovic: 'You need a competition for development of...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'You need a competition for development of...'
Novak Djokovic: 'You need a competition for development of...' (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Good debut in the Davis Cup for the world number one Novak Djokovic who beat the Austrian Dennis Novak without any problem and was among the protagonists of his Serbia's 3-0 over Austria. The Balkan champion will want to close the group practice against Germany, an opponent devoid of his recent nightmare Alexander Zverev.

In the press conference Nole dealt with many issues, from the match won against Novak to the absence of the public in Innsbruck and commented on the rumors of a possible passage of Davis in Abu Dhabi, rumors that are generating several controversies in the last hours.

The Serbian tennis player began: "I am very motivated to represent my country. In general, tennis is an individual sport and therefore I like to be involved in a sport where I play for all my compatriots. I will always be available to participate in events like this or the ATP Cup, there are many races but I love playing Davis, an important competition for tradition and history.

Against Dennis I felt very good, he has a complete game and it took me a while to find and impose my style. The eighth game was decisive, then I moved better and better and served solidly. It was a really good race. No audience for the Innsbruck finals? It's really sad, the last thing we wanted to hear was this, the public is essential to us but people's health and life always comes first, so many are experiencing difficult situations and I pray that we can collectively overcome all of this."

Djokovic on the current Finals format

Novak Djokovic recently weighed in on the news that the Davis Cup is set to move to Abu Dhabi for the next five years.

The World No. 1 analyzed whether the right move for the team competition is to follow the money, the tradition, or find a "balance between the two." “There is a lot of interest to bring Davis Cup or any other big tennis competition or sports competition to the Middle East, where economically they're very strong and they can finance the big demands that you have for an organisation of such an important event," Djokovic said.

“I like the fact that now there are three different countries that are able to host at least group stages," Djokovic said. "I would say why not more? Why not have six different countries host one group of three teams?” The Serb described the importance of hosting Davis Cup ties to the growth of tennis in countries, and how this has been lost with the reforms.

“We lost that with the change of format, the possibility for many countries in the World Group to host the tie," Djokovic added. "I think that is something that people have not reacted well to, and I understand. You need a Davis Cup competition for development of your own national tennis."

Novak Djokovic