Krajinovic: Serbs follow tennis because of Djokovic, rest of us are second league


Krajinovic: Serbs follow tennis because of Djokovic, rest of us are second league

Filip Krajinovic admits he is getting attention as a tennis star in Serbia but noted that he is in the "second league" as Novak Djokovic is by far the most dominant tennis figure in Serbia. Krajinovic has a close relationship with Djokovic and both are part of the Serbia team that has made the semifinal at the Davis Cup FInals.

"It has helped me out a lot. Back in Serbia, people follow tennis a lot because of Novak. The rest of us are second league, but they are still following. I always try and say I am a tennis player. If I need a reservation, I try to always have my tennis racquet next to me.

I am hoping they know who I am. Serbia is a very small country, so we all know each other," Krajinovic told the ATP Tour website.

Krajinovic was thrilled after meeting Pete Sampras

Krajinovic's idol was former world No. 1 Sampras and he was absolutely delighted when he got a chance to meet the American.

"My idol when I was young was Pete Sampras, and 10 years ago I had the chance to go to his house. My sponsor was IMG, and he was in touch with IMG needing someone to hit with him, so they told me to go to his house and hit for a couple of days.

I was really happy I was able to meet him. I was young and it was fun. I was too scared to ask for advice, I was in shock. At that time, my English was not very good, so I didn’t want to get into that many conversations," Krajnovic revealed.

Krajinovic also revealed that he follows soccer and basketball. "I watch soccer a lot in Serbia. I watch Red Star [Belgrade], and I also watch the NBA when I am in America. I like to watch Nikola Jokic, the Most Valuable Player.

For me, soccer is the main sport, I like to go to the stadium and cheer for my team. The crowd is amazing, unbelievable, one of the best in the world," Krajinovic said.