Novak Djokovic wary of Marin Cilic challenge at Davis Cup Finals

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Novak Djokovic wary of Marin Cilic challenge at Davis Cup Finals

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic acknowledged there is a big rivalry between Serbia and Croatia ahead of their semifinal tie at the Davis Cup Finals. "There is a big rivalry obviously being the neighboring countries, and there is always an extra pressure, an extra motivation, extra expectations I think for both nations to really win against each other," Djokovic said, per Sportskeeda.

However, Djokovic underlined their rivarly is limited to the courts only as off the court players from those two teams get along really well. "But I think regardless of what happens on the court, you know, what is really nice in the sense of really positive message out there is the respect and the friendship with these guys that we have on and off the court.

I'm sure that we are both going to, both teams are going to give their very best to win it. It's not just semifinals, but it's playing against Croatia or Croatia against Serbia, which has extra meaning for us," Djokovic insisted.

Djokovic praises Marin Cilic, Borna Gojo

Djokovic owns a dominant 17-2 head-to-head record against Cilic but he won't be taking him for granted. "But as I said, you know, these guys are great guys. I have known Cilic, and we have had some big encounters over the years.

I know him very well. Borna Gojo is one of the biggest surprises of competition, winning two out of two matches, beating Sonego in Italy, which was a very impressive win. He's someone that is very young and just has a big serve, big game overall," Djokovic said.

Also, Djokovic admitted Croatia has the best doubles duo in the world. "Of course they have the best doubles in the world, Mektic, Pavic. They are winning most of the matches they are playing. We saw some of the matches in Davis Cup they have played so far, and they are winning comfortably," Djokovic said.