Andrey Rublev received 'long message' from Novak Djokovic after helping Serbia at DC

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Andrey Rublev received 'long message' from Novak Djokovic after helping Serbia at DC

Russia Davis Cup team member Sofya Tartakova revealed players on the team are having a great time together and they received message from Novak Djokovic after their win over Spain. "The guys play football every day. They play quite well.

There is a joke that, most of all, Karen Khachanov is afraid to play with his head. He himself said that for some reason he had problems with this," Tartakova said on Match TV Russia.

Russia's final group stage match against Spain finished late and the players returned to the hotel in the early morning hours.

"After a long day playing against the Spanish team, they arrived at the hotel at about 3am. I was with Evgeny Donskoy and Andrey Rublev. I ordered them pizza because they hadn't had time to eat yet. After about an hour of waiting they were brought an old and dried pizza," Tartakova revealed.

The players on the Russian team love to play football but also cards.

"The guys often arrange dinners together and play cards almost every evening. They have fierce battles. For some reason they call the card game 'rumba', but I don’t know what it’s actually called," Tartakova revealed.

Djokovic messaged Andrey Rublev

After Russia helped Serbia reach the quarterfinal, Rublev was messaged by every Serbian player, including 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic.

"After their victory over the Spanish team, the Serbian players thanked the team very much, wrote all of them messages. Andrey said that every Serbian player wrote him a long message, including Novak (Djokovic)," Tartakova said.

Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev have a good relationship and seeing them practice together is not a strange thing.

Medvedev beat Djokovic in the US Open final but the Serb got his revenge in the Paris Masters final. “When the day of training was finished on Monday, Novak went to the court, him and Danya talked about something for a long time and watched some videos together," Tartakova revealed.