Novak Djokovic: Preparations for 2022 have begun, it's all going well so far

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Novak Djokovic: Preparations for 2022 have begun, it's all going well so far

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic revealed that his preparation for the new season have begun and added that everything has been going well so far. Djokovic returned to Belgrade after Serbia lost in the semifinal at the Davis Cup Finals.

Djokovic has been resting in Serbia for the past week as he visited multiple places. On Tuesday evening Djokovic went to watch a basketballl game between Red Star Belgrade and Barcelona. Red Star Belgrade lost but Djokovic enjoyed the atmosphere.

"Preparations have begun. It's all going well so far," Djokovic told B92.

Djokovic's name appeared on the Australian Open entry list

Djokovic has been refusing to reveal his vaccination status but his name appeared on the Australian Open entry list.

It led to some speculating that Tennis Australia requested Djokovic to be granted a medical exemption to play. “Those decisions are being made by medical officials and other officials, not by politicians,” Australian prime minister Scott Morrison said, per Sky News.

Victoria’s Deputy Premier James Merlino said“ They’re the rules, medical exemptions are just that, it’s not a loophole for privileged tennis players. “So my view and I think the view of all Victorians (and) the expectation of all Victorians is that everyone who attends the Open player, spectator, staff, officials, everyone is fully vaccinated”.

Morrison insisted no way Djokovic would receive a special treatment. “He will follow the same rules as anyone else would,” Morrison said. “There are no special rules for tennis players or anyone else.. "They apply by the same rules and that they are the rules in place for the Victorian government and the Australian Open itself and they have their rules”.

Tennis Australia slammed the rumors that claim they were seeking a "loophole" to get Djokovic in. "Any suggestion that Tennis Australia is seeking ‘loopholes’ within this process is simply untrue,” the statement read, as revealed on 3AW.

“Adjudicating on medical exemptions is the domain of independent medical experts. We are not in a position to influence this process, and nor would we”.