'Otherwise I don't think Novak Djokovic would have entered...', says legend

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'Otherwise I don't think Novak Djokovic would have entered...', says legend

Novak Djokovic attended a Euroleague match between Red Star Belgrade and Barcelona on Tuesday night. 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic has been visiting venues during his stay in Belgrade and on Tuesday decided to cheer on Red Star Belgrade.

Unsurprisingly, Djokovic received a warm welcome from fans as the crowd went wild when he was introduced. Djokovic visited a popular tourist destination in Serbia, Kopaonik, a few days ago. Djokovic returned to Belgrade after Serbia's participation in the Davis Cup Finals, as speculation about his participation in the Australian Open remains a popular topic.

"Well the fact is, he's on the Australian Open entry list," Australian tennis legend Todd Woodbridge said on 9 News. "And of course he is also in the ATP Cup in Sydney in the first tournament of the New Year.

“If he passes [the criteria], then he can play. There is so much speculation right now that you need to answer those questions first. If he surpasses them, I think it's great that we have the world number one in Australia again.

But he has to do what any other traveler does when he arrives in Australia. These are not licensed tennis players or tennis players in general. It's about what all the other people have to do, and that's what he has to do."

McNamee talks about Djokovic

All rumors of Novak Djokovic applying for a medical exemption to play at the 2022 Australian Open were put to bed by the former CEO of the Australian Open and Tournament Director of the Hopman Cup, Paul McNamee.

"There is absolutely no substance to that story you referred to in the Herald Sun [Djokovic applying for medical exemption] which was on the front page. I mean, that's a complete fantasy," McNamee said. "Even the journalists themselves can't confim it," he added.

McNamee even went on to claim that Novak Djokovic has already been fully vaccinated. He brought up his participation in the upcoming ATP Cup as proof, remarking that if he had not been vaccinated, Djokovic wouldn't play in the tournament.

"I'm very confident that he's been vaccinated. Otherwise I don't think he would have entered the ATP Cup, that's my opinion," McNamee said." Coming to tennis, Djokovic won the first three Grand Slam events this season.

Sadly, he did not win the US Open. Nonetheless, it was one of his best seasons on the Tour and it will be interesting to see how he performs in the 2022 season.