Coach: Novak Djokovic is on top but Daniil Medvedev is making differences smaller

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Coach: Novak Djokovic is on top but Daniil Medvedev is making differences smaller

Hubert Hurkacz's oach Craig Boynton acknowledged Novak Djokovic is still on top but added that Daniil Medvedev is getting closer and closer to the Serb. Medvedev was the one who stopped Djokovic from completing a Calendar Grand Slam as he beat the Serb in the US Open final to lift his maiden Grand Slam title.

"We are in a process og regrouping. There is the top-3, Djokovic, Medvedev and Rafael Nadal. Novak is on top but Medvedev is making the differences smaller very quickly. In Rafa's case it all mainly depends on his health," Boynton told TVP Sport.

"Then there is the group of 8-12 players. You can never be sure which one of them is going to have their momentum. In order for a good result there have to be a few things adding: great form, no injuries, good draw and luck.

That's what happened to Hubert at Wimbledon."

'Medvedev proved it's possible to win'

"There is not going to be a domination like it was in the times of the Big Three in the men's tennis. They can still win but the competition is much closer now.

It's a great time, a lot of new faces, a lot of people hungry for success. Medvedev proved by winning the US Open that it's not impossible to win these big titles so the world has to be prepared for new champions," Boynton added.

Boynton admitted world No.

9 Hurkacz is not a top favorite to win Grand Slams but he is confident his pupil is capable of playing great against anyone. "For Hubi, he hasn't played Nadal. He was two points away from beating Djokovic in Paris; he didn't but he’s very close," Boynton noted.

"He hasn’t beaten Alexander Zverev but he’s got a win over just about everybody else there. So he is very dangerous and really tricky to play against."