'Novak Djokovic doesn’t attract people as much as...', says ATP player

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'Novak Djokovic doesn’t attract people as much as...', says ATP player

Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley has said that only a "very small percentage" of players will receive a medical exemption for the season-opening Grand Slam. Vaccination is mandatory for those who want to compete at Melbourne Park, but the organizers are also willing to grant a medical exemption to those who provide a solid explanation.

"The best thing is that everyone (who comes to Melbourne Park) is vaccinated," Tiley told reporters, according to SEN. “All those who enter are vaccinated and there will be a small percentage, a very small percentage, who will have a medical exemption.

If any gamer, fan (or) workforce is on the site here, they are either vaccinated or have a medical exemption that is approved and on the Australian Immunization Registry. That gives us security and an extra level of comfort on site." Victoria Sports Minister Martin Pakula made it clear that Novak Djokovic will have to be fully vaccinated or give a good explanation why he is not.

"If Djokovic chooses not to be vaccinated and is not accepted in the expert committee, he will not play the Australian Open. In order to enter the tournament, he must have a good excuse to explain the reason for his not vaccination," Pakula said.

Pakula criticized those who claim that the Australian Open introduced the medical exemption process because of Novak Djokovic. "If people think that we have done this to try to give Djokovic a chance to play the tournament, they are very wrong."

Novak tied Federer and Nadal on 20 Slams

In a recent interview with Filo News, World No.

13 Diego Schwartzman opened up about Novak Djokovic's incredible gameplay. “Djokovic is something else, it’s like he’s controlled by a joystick. It’s very difficult to be able to sustain what he’s doing, the changes of directions.

There comes a time when you can’t keep up with him,” said Schwartzman in the interview. According to Schwartzman, even though Djokovic's style is not as attractive as that of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, it still "drives you crazy." “Maybe in sight, it doesn’t attract people as much as Rafa or Federer so much.

But it drives you crazy, with the joystick in hand,” concluded Schwartzman. The Serb was just one win away from a Calendar Slam and became the only player to win each Major twice. He also tied Federer and Nadal on 20 Slams.

For his phenomenal accomplishments on the court, World No.1 Novak Djokovic receives immense love and appreciation all across the world, especially from his home country, Serbia.

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