Authorities 'close to softening' and providing Novak Djokovic medical exemption

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Authorities 'close to softening' and providing Novak Djokovic medical exemption

Serbian media outlet Blic has reported that Tennis Australia is pushing the Victoria government to provide Novak Djokovic a medical exemption to play the Australian Open. "Since the Australian Open organizers realized that not having the world No.

1 and the record Australian Open champion would be a major blow for the tournament, they are negotiationg with the authorities to provide the Serbian tennis player a medical exemption," Blic's report read. Also, Blic said from the sources close to the organization they learned that the Victoria government is "close to softening their stance" and allow "special rules" for Djokovic and several other top players.

Blic reported a few days ago that Djokovic was "99 percent likely to skip the ATP Cup." Blic recently did an interview with Djokovic and they are believed to have sources close to the world No. 1. “It is 99 per cent sure that Novak won’t go to the ATP Cup.

He is training here (in Belgrade, Serbia) but he has decided to give that tournament a miss,” an unnamed member of the Serbian team told Blic.

Djokovic never gave any clear answers regarding Australia

After Serbia's Davis Cup Finals exit, Djokovic didn't want to give any clear answers when asked about the Australian Open.

"I understand you want some answers on where I start the season, how I start it. I'm really, really tired from this season and this whole year, so I just prefer sticking to the family quality time, rehab mode, then let's see what the future brings," Djokovic said after the Davis Cup Finals.

"You will be informed. I know what you want. I'm not going to give you an answer tonight. I know what you want to ask me. But you will be informed. That's all I can tell you. I cannot give you any date. Obviously Australia is around the corner, so you will know very soon."