Stefanos Tsitsipas speaks on Novak Djokovic missing ATP Cup


Stefanos Tsitsipas speaks on Novak Djokovic missing ATP Cup

World No. 4 Stefanos Tsitsipas didn't want to comment too much on Novak Djokovic as he just said he respects the Serb's decision not to play the ATP Cup. Djokovic withdrew from the ATP Cup the day before the start and his Australian Open participation remains a mistery.

"If Djokovic thinks he is not ready to play ATP Cup for whatever reason, it is his choice. I think most of the players respect his choice. What can I say? The ATP Cup will lack on great player this year," Tsitsipas said, per Lorenzo Ercoli.

"Rules are rules, and they are established for a purpose. So if some players decide not to follow them, it's their choice. I wouldn't say it's right or wrong here. I followed whatever was necessary in order for me to come in Australia."

Tsitsipas hoping to lead Greece to a good result

Greece doesn't have any big names except Tsitsipas but the world No.

4 has faith in his team. Greece will also be represented by Petros Tsitsipas and Michail Pervolarakis. “I have faith in my team,” said Tsitsipas, who has a 3-2 record in ATP Cup singles matches. “I think we can sort it out in two matches [and] not have to go all the way to three [in each tie].

For each and every single one of us representing Greece on an ATP Cup level just means a lot. I know there is plenty of Greek-Australians that are going to go wild watching us play. “Greece is known to excel in team events, such as football and basketball, so it's in our nature.

We love playing team events, and that's where we leave the best out of ourselves on court. I think we have a team of young players that are just hungrier than anyone else. That's what makes us kind of stand out and we have so much energy starting next week”.

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