Matej Sabanov explains how Novak Djokovic helped him and his brother


Matej Sabanov explains how Novak Djokovic helped him and his brother

Doubles specialist Matej Sabanov revealed world No. 1 Novak Djokovic helped the most him and his brother in the mental strength aspect of the game. Twins Matej and Ivan Sabanov played under the Croatian flag before deciding to switch their nationality.

The Sabanov brothers often train at the Novak Tennis Centre and the Serb's generosity and kindness prompted them to switch nationality. "Everyone knows how much Novak is engaged in mental strength. In that sense, he helped us, we are working on some things off the court and I think that has brought us progress - meditation, proper nutrition and generally healthy life, all that is important for professional sports," Matej told Sport Klub.

The Sabanov brothers explained their decision

"Novak gave us everything. He gave us the best possible conditions. Novak Djokovic's support is something that cannot be described in words. He has always been our role model and the person we admire throughout our careers.

Every piece of his advice is extremely valuable for our careers and we are very honored to have the opportunity to learn from such a tennis player. We trained with him, he gave us the best possible conditions and that's what we really needed," Matej explained last month.

Serbia lost to Croatia in the semifinal at the Davis Cup Finals. After the loss, Djokovic said Serbia needs to find a good doubles team. "We tried. It didn't work. But we definitely need to improve our doubles part of the team.

We need to have a doubles team that is constantly playing together, otherwise it's going to be a Mount Everest to climb for us every time we play like this," Djokovic said after Serbia's Davis Cup exit. The Sabanov brothers solely play doubles and they captured their first ATP title in April in Belgrade. It remains to be seen if the Sabanov brothers could be the answer to Serbia's need to find a good doubles team.

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