Novak Djokovic goes to Marbella to train after withdrawing from ATP Cup

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Novak Djokovic goes to Marbella to train after withdrawing from ATP Cup

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic went to Marbella to give himself additional preparation before he kicks off his 2021 season. Djokovic's name appeared on the ATP Cup entry list but the Serb officialy withdrew from the event the day before the start.

Djokovic spent December in Belgrade, where he was resting and preparing for the 2022 season. After withdrawing from the ATP Cup, Djokovic decided to go to Marbella and conclude his preparation for the new season.

Dusan Lajovic on the Djokovic absence

“We knew, I think, a day-and-a-half ago or something like that,” Lajovic said, when asked when Djokovic informed the Serbian team about his decision.

“I think we’re all waiting for that last-minute decision and it’s never the same when you have the No.1 in your team and you don’t have it – it’s a big difference. “Obviously, when Novak is in the team, the expectations get much higher and everybody’s putting a spotlight on Novak, of course, and trying to push the whole team.

“Right now, maybe we’re on the sideline a little bit and it could be good for us, it could be bad – we’ll see. “But it’s definitely different and we’ll get to see what happens after the tournament and how it goes.

“He was, I think, hoping the same as we did, that somehow he will be here, but unfortunately he’s not and we’ve got to deal with it”. Djokovic's Australian Open participation remains a mistery but Lajovic said Djokovic told him he is "trying to get to the Australian Open."

“I don’t know the official reason but maybe the ATP knows,” Lajovic said. “(Djokovic) just said that he’s not coming to the ATP Cup and he’s trying to get to the Australian Open. “He said, ‘I’m not coming guys to the ATP Cup; we’ll see about the Australian Open’. I mean, he didn’t specify if he’s coming or not but that he’s waiting for a decision”.