Bogdan Obradovic rips Novak Djokovic: He is surrounded by extreme nonsense

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Bogdan Obradovic rips Novak Djokovic: He is surrounded by extreme nonsense

Bogdan Obradovic revealed he has no contact with Novak Djokovic as the two got into a conflict when Obradovic was leaving the Serbian national team. Obradovic was the Serbia Davis Cup team captain between 2007 and 2017 and he guided Serbia to their lone Davis Cup title in 2010.

"I, people, have zero contact with Novak. I have no contact with Novak. Nor do we wish each other a happy New Year, or Christmas, children's birthdays, nothing… For what reason and why? The moment I left the national team, we got into a conflict.

To this day I believe I was right," Obradovic said durign his appearance on Sport Klub's Sportlight. Obradovic also said he is not a fan of Djokovic's plant-based diet, that includes no meat. Obradovic argued that the main protein comes from meat and that Djokovic's imune system is suffering a lot because of his current diet.

"Novak is surrounded by some extreme nonsense. He went into such an experiment of something that he doesn't even know what it's about," Obradovic said.

Djokovic delays the start of his season

Djokovic was scheduled to start his season at the ATP Cup but he withdrew at the last moment.

Dusan Lajovic explained at the ATP Cup when Djokovic informed the team about his decision. “We knew, I think, a day-and-a-half ago or something like that,” Lajovic said. “I think we’re all waiting for that last-minute decision and it’s never the same when you have the No.1 in your team and you don’t have it – it’s a big difference.

“Obviously, when Novak is in the team, the expectations get much higher and everybody’s putting a spotlight on Novak, of course, and trying to push the whole team. “Right now, maybe we’re on the sideline a little bit and it could be good for us, it could be bad – we’ll see.

“But it’s definitely different and we’ll get to see what happens after the tournament and how it goes. “He was, I think, hoping the same as we did, that somehow he will be here, but unfortunately he’s not and we’ve got to deal with it”.

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