Craig Tiley indicates there will be unvaccinated players at Australian Open

Tiley confirmed some players have been granted a medical exemption but didn't reveal the name.

by Dzevad Mesic
Craig Tiley indicates there will be unvaccinated players at Australian Open

Australian Open tournaments director Craig Tiley has indicated that some players have been granted medical exemptions but he won't reveal the names. However, Tiley said it's up to those players to share those information if they want.

“Every athlete coming into Australia has to be vaccinated and show proof of that, or has to have made application from a medical exemption,” Tiley explained, per Tennis365. “In the case of tennis players, that’s far more rigorous than anyone coming into Australia applying for a medical exemption.

“There are two medical panels that assess any application, and they assess it in a blind way. They don’t know who the applicant is. “Against the guidelines, an exemption gets granted or not. The reason for granting the exemption remains private, between the panel and the applicant.

“We know of athletes that have applied for an exemption and in cases, it’s been granted. “Some of those (players) have indicated that they’re here, but that’s up to the athlete, to disclose and [decide] whether they want to share that information”.

Tiley on the Novak Djokovic situation

Djokovic has refused to publicly reveal his vaccination status and his Australian Open participation remains a mistery. “As far as the status relates to Novak, we will have a much clearer picture in the coming days,” he said.

“Otherwise, it’s getting pretty late for him to show up and play in the Australian Open. “What I am aware of is the same as everyone else. Novak’s made it clear that he wouldn’t disclose his medical conditions, or whether or not he’s vaccinated.

It’s his choice to do that. There’s quite a bit to play out, and it will play out in the coming days”. Djokovic is a record nine-time Australian Open champion and he has won the tournament's last three edition. Not having Djokovic would be a major blow for the Australian Open organizers.

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