Jannik Sinner's coach: Novak Djokovic may only play one Grand Slam this year

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Jannik Sinner's coach: Novak Djokovic may only play one Grand Slam this year

Jannik Sinner's coach Ricardo Piatti said Novak Djokovic may only play one Grand Slam tournament this year. At the moment, the French Open seems to be the only Grand Slam where players would be allowed to play without being fully vaccinated.

"Djokovic may play only one Grand Slam this year: French Open. You must be vaccinated to play in UK (Wimbledon) and outside Europe (Aus Open, US Open)," Piatti said, per Tennis Up To Date. Meanwhile, Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley said in the coming days we should have a clerer picture regarding Djokovic's participation at Melbourne Park.

“As far as the status relates to Novak, we will have a much clearer picture in the coming days,” Tiley said. “Otherwise, it’s getting pretty late for him to show up and play in the Australian Open.

“What I am aware of is the same as everyone else. Novak’s made it clear that he wouldn’t disclose his medical conditions, or whether or not he’s vaccinated. It’s his choice to do that. There’s quite a bit to play out, and it will play out in the coming days”.

Djokovic skipped the ATP Cup

Djokovic was scheduled to start his season at the ATP Cup but he withdrew at the last moment. “We knew, I think, a day-and-a-half ago or something like that,” Dusan Lajovic revealed, when asked when Djokovic informed Serbia about his withdrawal.

“I think we’re all waiting for that last-minute decision and it’s never the same when you have the No.1 in your team and you don’t have it – it’s a big difference. “Obviously, when Novak is in the team, the expectations get much higher and everybody’s putting a spotlight on Novak, of course, and trying to push the whole team.

“Right now, maybe we’re on the sideline a little bit and it could be good for us, it could be bad – we’ll see. “But it’s definitely different and we’ll get to see what happens after the tournament and how it goes.

“He was, I think, hoping the same as we did, that somehow he will be here, but unfortunately he’s not and we’ve got to deal with it”.