Novak Djokovic severely attacked by Italian virologist

The doctor attacked the number one in the world with a fairly clear tweet that confirms the thinking of most professionals and sportsmen

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic severely attacked by Italian virologist

The decision by the organizers of the Australian Open 2022 to grant a medical exemption to world number one Novak Djokovic is causing a lot of discussion. The announcement came directly from the Serbian tennis player, reigning champion in the tournament, who confirmed his presence at the Slam promo of the year.

Two external medical commissions have saved Nole and the anticipation for a long-awaited appointment is growing. The social world, on the other hand, is literally infuriated by the choice made by the organizers of the tournament they invited.

Personalities from the world of entertainment and also from the medical world have criticized the choice by the organizers to make this concession to the tennis player. Enigmatic is the tweet of the former Juventus and Italian National team soccer player Claudio Marchisio, who tweeted about the choice of the organizers and said: "Being one of the strongest players of all time has privileges, but brings with it great responsibilities." However, as we later saw, upon arriving at the airport, Novak was blocked due to a problem with his Visa, and therefore the Serb was not allowed to enter the country.

Now Djokovic has appealed, the final outcome of the affair is awaited.

Italian virologist severely attacks Novak Djokovic

The well-known doctor and virologist Roberto Burioni was one of the first to retweet Marchisio's message but not only.

The doctor attacked the number one in the world with a fairly clear tweet that confirms the thinking of most professionals and sportsmen. Burioni wrote: "Reasons for vaccine exemption in Australia? Allergic reactions or severe side effects after first dose.

Acute medical suffering Recent inflammatory heart disease," then he added: "He's NoVax. It's hard to play the Open like this." This tweet sounded quite like a dig at the Serbian champion. Shortly before, Burioni had recalled the real reasons for having an exemption and therefore recalled that these are a very serious anaphylaxis at the first dose or a severe allergy to one or more components of the vaccine.

The exemption granted to Novak Djokovic is absolutely not credible. This is just the latest of the tweets attacking the twenty-time Grand Slam winner, yet another hard thrust against Novak Djokovic.

The world number one has announced that he is ready to take off for Australia, and therefore to compete in the next Australian Open 2022, thanks to a medical exemption that will allow him to participate in the tournament bypassing the vaccination obligation imposed by local authorities.

The story has sparked a lot of controversy. There are many insiders in the world of tennis and sports and politics who have taken a position on the matter, outraged by Djokovic, Tennis Australia and the government authorities of the state of Victoria for having, according to them, evaded the rules that had been put in place to protect the participants in the tournament.

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